Social Media Content Creation

We help tell your story through exciting imagery and videos.

Platforms and Services Include: 

  • Facebook Imagery / ads, 

  • Linkedin Content,

  • Instagram Content

  • Youtube Video Packaging,

  • Youtube Video Editing,

  • Facebook ads,

Please Note: Many of the customized imagery and videos are based on the assets given by the client. We bring them to life by adding our magic. If you need help developing assets we are happy to assist in giving direction and understanding. In special cases, we are happy to send a team to your location to shoot what needs to be accomplished if budgets allow. 

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Creative Services and Social Media Content Creation are Billed on Consumption at a Flat Hourly Rate.


These Bill on Consumption Projects include:

Graphic Design,

Social Media Content Creation,

Video Editing,

WIX Website Creation.

Social Media Platforms Include: 

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin.

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