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My Studio

JPrice Productions is home to Justin Price's Personal Creative Studio. In this site you will find Justin's Personal Portfolio in the top menu alongside his Films & CV, all of which specifically showcases his work & artistry.


I specialize in producing branded content within a multitude of industries including Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Corporate & Commercial.

However, no project is too small. I partner with other artists when we need to bring larger visions to life. 

Ready to add a bit of magic to your next adventure!


Continuously enhance and uplift the world around us through artistic expression. 

About Justin

My Story

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!” That indomitable spirit and belief in bringing imagination to life has inspired me to pursue my dreams with a sincere heart and a commitment to excellence.


My mother instilled within me a love of Disney and a passion for animation. She raised me with the values that are the hallmark of Walt Disney’s legacy - innovation, excellence, positive family values, and a tradition of timeless storytelling. Those values became the building blocks of my youth and have shaped my leadership style today. - Justin Price



Client collaboration shapes the foundation of every project and product deliverd.  


Your satisfaction is my top priority.

I have a passion for what I do and committed to doing it right every time. 


Professional high-quality work delivered on time every time. 

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